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Fine Dining Room Furniture in Lebanon, PA

From enclosed to open concept, traditional to eclectic, KandY Furniture’s selection of dining room furniture in Lebanon, PA provides homes with an exceptional blend of beauty and functionality. Make your family, guests, and yourself comfortable and accommodated during regular weeknight meals or special dinner parties. Our dining room tables, chairs, and more provide homeowners with world-class quality at affordable rates. We offer a wide selection of dining furniture made to fit any style, no matter how bold or reserved. Feel welcome and at home in the place where your families and loved ones congregate by choosing us for your next dining room experience.

small modern dining room

What Makes Great Kitchen Furniture?

Most families choose their dining room as the place to connect and wind down with each other. After a long day at work or school, there’s nothing more cherished than sitting down for a delicious meal and catching up. Excellent dining room furniture elevates your experience with the comfort you need. Regardless of whether you have a closed or open-concept dining room, we promise to outfit your dining room with top-quality.


Whether you want to replace your aesthetic or update your existing one, Exceptional furniture will provide your dining room with the look you want. Do you prefer furniture that stands out or blends in? Do you like a timeless look with matching design elements, a wide range of colors, or the charm of a rustic dining room? We recommend thinking it through before you choose. Our team would love to help you.


Dining rooms tend to be a place where wear and tear occurs. Between dinner with family and friends, hosting events, and sustaining spills and messes, your kitchen furniture must be durable and reliable. Our selection comprises top-line furniture made from the toughest materials, ensuring it lasts you and your family for years to come.


Family dinners and conversations around the dinner table are meant to be enjoyed. Comfort is essential to genuinely love your dining experience. High-quality furniture is designed to host and support all your guests and accommodate them from beginning to end.

A Proud Provider of Ashley Dining

We promise nothing but the highest quality at affordable prices for families. That’s why we offer Ashley Furniture’s top-line of dining room sets. Ashley was founded in 1945 and has grown to become among the biggest and best-selling furniture manufacturers in the nation. The company has been a powerhouse within the industry and is renowned for giving homeowners style and value within their budget. Learn more about Ashley products and how they can elevate your home by visiting us at our showroom.

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